The far left would rather see Venezuelans die, than see Maduro go.

“Believe all women “, “Listen to People of Color “, “Listen to LGTBQI folxs” are slogans which are normally championed by those on the left.  And I wonder, why can’t they heed their own advice when it comes to people being oppressed under Totalitarian Socialist regimes.  Does Listen to all oppressed people living under Socialist Authoritarian hellholes” not have a nice ring to it? Don’t they deserve to be heard and believed as well?

Nope – the radical left wants to hear nothing from them. The latest crisis in Venezuela and their reaction to it shows as much. Instead, they continually undermine the Venezuelan opposition, which today represents a majority of the population, by disparaging and discrediting them with all sorts of false and reductionist propaganda about what is really going on in that country.

Recently, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein retweeted a post containing two pictures. On one side, a photo of the members of the National Assembly, representing the opposition, and on the other, members of the pro-Maduro Constituent Assembly. Side by side, the photo of the Constituent Assembly [Pro-Maduro] shows an array of people of a darker skin complexion than those of the National Assembly.

Dr. Jill Stein plays the race card to give legitimacy to the Maduro Regime.

The objective of the tweet is obvious – to myopically frame the Venezuelan struggle for Democracy as a race issue.

How Americocentric.

It surprises no one that a naïve first world Socialist like Dr. Stein would reduce what’s happening in that country to something so singular as race – but here we are.

It begs the question: How little must Dr. Stein think of People of Color in Venezuela as to suggest that they would settle for the criminal mediocrity and absolute collapse of society brought about by 20 years of Chavismo?  Over one million percent inflation, 82% of the population living in poverty, and 9 million Venezuelans reporting that they can only afford to eat once a day.

The reality is that the Maduro regime does not discriminate between race, class, or gender when it comes to killing, arresting, and torturing in order to remain in power. Just last week, the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) opened fire and killed as many as 7 members of the Pemon indigenous ethnic group after they attempted to bring in humanitarian aid from Brazil. Chavismo is no friend of Venezuela’s minority groups, and neither is Dr. Stein when she uses her social media platform to spread the talking points of the Maduro regime.

Another tactic used by the Far Left to discredit the complaints of Venezuelans comes straight from the Stalinist Soviet playbook. Particularly, the portrayal of the opposition as class enemies or enemies of the people as a method to delegitimize their message.

So, for instance, Venezuelans are routinely harassed by hordes of red rose usernames (Democratic Socialists) on twitter for speaking English. 

Exhibit A

Apparently, being Venezuelan and having the ability to speak English is the stamp of the Latin American bourgeoisie class, and thus precludes one from truthfully portraying the atrocities being carried out in your country.

Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere…

For 365 days of the year, the Left cares very little about Venezuela. It cares not for Maduro, or the suffering of the people living under the tyranny of his regime . Not a bleep in their radar. Surprisingly, it is only when the United States and other democracies enter the picture that Venezuela reappears in the periphery of the international Left.

All of the sudden, the red brigades come out of the woodwork in an apparent show of solidarity with the Venezuelan people against American imperialism.

From the local Democratic Socialist of America chapters, to members of Congress, to Members of Parliament in Canada and the United Kingdom, the Left begins to churn out propaganda at an ungodly and predictable rate : “American Imperialism”, “America wants to steal Venezuela’s oil”, “Remember Chile, Syria, Guatemala, etc..” , “Coup d’etat”blah blah blah, it’s all so tiring.

Here is the thing – the far Left does not care about military intervention or protecting Venezuelan oil. Their dissent has all to do with Anti-Americanism and an inherent hate for Liberal Democracies and Capitalism. To them, Maduro is a much more favorable alternative.

If they really did care about foreign interventions, then where is the outrage about the current [and already accomplished] intervention of the Venezuelan Armed Forces by the Cuban Intelligence Directorate, G2?

If they really did care about Venezuela’s oil. Then where is the outrage about the fact that Maduro ships about 55,000 barrels a day of crude oil to Cuba at highly subsidized prices? The cost of these oil subsidies given to Cuba is around $1.2 billion annually. YES, Maduro can somehow afford to GIVE AWAY 1.2 billion dollars to his Communist handlers in Habana while Venezuelans starve to death.

The behavior of the International far Left towards Venezuela has been despicable to watch to say the least. Not only do they continue to provide oxygen for a criminal Dictatorship that is on its way out, they continue to virulently go after the only victims in this story, the Venezuelan people..

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