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Cuban Government Delegation to visit Rutgers Law School, discuss Human Rights.

A delegation from the Cuban Government will visit Rutgers Law School on March 14.

The event titled “Cuban Delegation Celebrating International Women’s Day” will take place in Room 403 at the Rutger’s Law School Newark’s Campus. As per the “Association of Latin American Law Students” they are not hosting the event, and attribute the appearance of their name on the flyer as a “possible miscommunication”. Instead, the event will be hosted by Rutgers’ Professor Charles Auffant and the Transactional Lawyering Clinic.

The members of the Delegations are:

  • Yenysey Gonzalez – President of the Union of Cuban Jurists – Granma Province
  • Alicia Campos Perez – Coordinator, Federation of Cuban Women
  • Manuel Vazquez Seijido – Deputy Director of CENESEX (Cuban National Center for Sex Education)

It is unclear what topics will be broached at this event, but an email allegedly sent by Rutger’s Constitutional Law Professor Carlos Ball indicates that “Human Rights” will be one of them.

Rutgers Cuban Delegation Flyer
Flyer promoting the event at @RutgersLaw

The visit by the Cuban delegation to an event that on its face seems to be about Women and Human rights is highly ironic. It was just today that reports of Aymara Nieto, a member of the dissident group UNPACU, was to stand trial for peacefully voicing her opposition to the Cuban Government.

Rosa Maria Paya reports on Nieto’s situation – March 14

The email sent by Constitutional Law Professor Carlos Ball, while not objecting to the visit, nonetheless conveys the concerns and irony of the Delegation’s presence.

Dear law school community,

I am sorry that I am only now learning that representatives of the Cuban government have been invited to speak at the law school tomorrow. (As you may know, there are no true non- government organizations in Cuba. Organizations such as the Federation of Cuban Women and CENESEX are state-run organizations; they are not independent groups.) As someone who teaches a course on the First Amendment, I am the last person who would object to invite speakers on ideological grounds, including those representing an authoritarian and undemocratic regime.

I think it is important, however, to point out to the community that the Cuban government has been instrumental in providing military and police intelligence support to the Maduro government in Venezuela, a government that through a toxic mixture of repression and incompetence is terrorizing, and leaving without food and medicine, millions of poor people in Venezuela. Cuban intelligence officers, who belong to the same government that runs the Federation Of Cuban Women and CENESEX, have helped the secret police in Venezuela torture and imprison political opponents Of the Maduro regime.

It is therefore deeply ironic that representatives Of the Cuban government have been invited to speak at the law school about, of all things, human rights (in this case of women). I will not be at the law school tomorrow because I will be at an academic conference in Virginia. But I feel obligated to remind members Of the community Of the human suffering that is taking place in Venezuela, a suffering that the Cuban government, for many years now, has contributed to in morally despicable ways. Best, Carlos Ball

As per twitter user @ObsessedPolitic who initially reported the Delegation’s visit, Rutgers student will be holding a vigil in honor of the Victims of Cuba and Venezuela’s Human rights Abuses.

As of today Rutger’s Event page does not list the Event taking place.