Why Trump’s plan to release illegal immigrants in Sanctuary Cities (or anywhere) is bad.

President Trump took to twitter last Saturday to confirm that his administration is: ” giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only.” The intended plan of the administration is to overwhelm these cities and force the politicians that represent them to cave in on certain immigration policies proposed by the White House.

Trump’s proposal is morally appalling and politically useless.

From a humanitarian point of view, people, be they illegal to our country or not, should not be shipped around like cattle and used as pawns for political maneuvering. What’s more, Trump’s awful idea creates the mental imagery that illegal immigrants are some sort of plague that can be used as a biological weapon to be unleashed on intransigent liberal cities – again, these are people we are talking about, not an anthrax strain.

As a matter of policy, President Trump’s proposal to release illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities would also not accomplish much.

According to a Pew Research study, 61% of the 10.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States live in just 20 metro areas. Of those 20 , 11 of them are sanctuary cities, and others, like Las Vegas, have already adopted quasi-sanctuary laws.

Say that the federal government starts releasing illegal immigrants in Sanctuary cities. The plan to overwhelm local governments would fall flat because nothing assures the federal authorities that the people they set free will remain in the same city they were released in. The plan is also bad because, as the Pew Research and CIS data shows, most illegal immigrants are already willingly going to live in these so-called sanctuary cities (Essentially, ICE would just be giving these undocumented immigrants a free ride to their would-be destinations).

There is no best case scenario here. Trump’s proposal would effectively release illegal immigrants back into the country and waste federal resources in the process, even the Acting Deputy Director of ICE has said that Trump’s plan would create “an unnecessary operational burden.”

But let’s assume for a second that Trump truly believes his plan will work. That the release of thousands of illegal immigrants in these cities will wreak havoc, straining local infrastructure and increase the number of violent crimes.  No matter how misguided, and even hypocritical our friends on the left can be, the President of the United States should not be willing to hurt American citizens in order to prove a point and/or advance his political agenda.

If you, dear reader, are in favor of the President using his Executive Powers to beat local cities into submission , what will you say when the next administration, not of your political flavor, does the same to implement theirs?