About Libertas Blog

Libertas Blog took its name after the Roman Goddess of Liberty. You might be familiar with her likeness thanks to one of the most famously recognized statues in the world, The Statue of Liberty.

What is this blog about?

Libertas publishes original Articles, Opinions, and Analysis about U.S politics and other World affairs from a Center-Right Classical Liberal position.

You will have noticed that a great deal of our publications deal with issues relating to authoritarianism, or events transpiring in countries where people are being oppressed.

This emphasis is by design.

At Libertas, we believe that we have moral obligation to adhere to the meaning and symbolism of our name. Thus, wherever possible, we will try to advance the cause of Freedom by honestly and rigorously discussing the issues that plague the most despotic corners of the world.

It brings great joy to the people who write these Articles when our readers come back for more. It makes our job worthwhile and it lets us know that our words have an impact . We ask that you sign up to our Newsletter so that we can let you know when our next articles are published